Vol.2 No.2

Published on 12.02.2013


Article 34 >    Valerian ANTOHE  – Romania

GeoGebra in the Context of the IT Surrounding Environment and Curriculum, 2010

Article 35 >   Sanjay GULATI  –  India

Exploring Medial Triangle using Geogebra

Article 36 >    Adnan BAKI, Erdem CEKMEZ, Selahattin ARSLAN  –  Turkey

A Comparative Study of the Effects of Using Dynamic Mathematics Software on Students’ Understandings about Tangent Concept

Article 37 >   Adriana BINZAR  – Romania

Geogebra, a useful tool for achieving school progress

Article 38 >   Adriana BINZAR   – Romania

Geometry Problems Soled with GoGebra

Article 39 >   Jan GUNCAGA  – Slovakia

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) at Slovak minority school in Hungary and GeoGebra

Article 40 >   Nadiia Olefirenko –  Ukraine

Use GeoGebra in Primary Pupils Training

Article 41 >   Petra Surynková  –   Czech Republic

Kinematic Geometry

Article 42 >  Anna Rybak    István Lénárt   – Poland  – Hungary

Comparative Geometry with Geogebra, Spherical Easel and Other Didactic Tools

Article 43 >  Rokas Tamošiūnas   – Lithuania  –

Visualizing complex integration with GeoGebra